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Whatever your event: product launch, seminar, exhibition, scientific conference, gala dinner, incentive or VIP event from set-up to managing of data the online event management system Regis is with you every step of the way. The range of features on the online event, registration and abstract management system Regis is tailored to meet your specific needs!

Artegis has provided event managers with its high-tech and powerful online solution Regis since 2001. Our mission is to deliver solid event management expertise with the online system Regis for worldwide use. Our advantage you can build with Regis events in a few minutes and create the most sophisticated event website and communication platform for you and your customers. Regis, your personalized multi-task online system. Get started with Regis and sign up for a free trial.



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Artegis21 July
New tag added in Regis [CURRENCY_CONVERTER=USD]. It provide the Interbank foreign exchange rate (without commission) for information.

Artegis27 June
The hotels can manage their allotments and view their rooming lists online

Artegis24 June
new lost password tag can be inserted everywhere on your web site

Artegis24 June
registration cancellation form can be fully customized

Artegis13 June
The new Regis' App RegisApps has been released. Download RegisApps from the Apple App Store or Android Play store.

Artegis11 June
New URL ending with .events have been reserved by Artegis. You can now use Regis with URL like <My Conference>

Artegis11 June
A customized list of event participants can be published

Artegis10 June
The company contacts can list their colleagues and manage their registrations

Artegis14 April
Regis as an hotel booking plateform allows to display departure as a number of nights

Artegis14 April
Regis as an hotel booking plateform allows to display arrival date menu with available room nights only.

Artegis10 April
lost password form can be configured in the framework of the event setup by the event administrators

Artegis10 April
the new powerfull form editor is now implemented in the contact section of Regis CRM

Artegis07 April
new title field completely configurable with any form of title.

Artegis04 April
Regis has always sent email to contacts and participants. Now it can also send email to other administrators, sponsors, hotels...

Artegis05 March
produce multi-language pdf documents with Regis: agenda badge, invoices, letters can be sent online in the participants' language

Artegis26 February
Question answers and activity registrations can be provided also with a mandatory yes/no check box or a yes/no drop down menu.

Artegis17 February
Specific hotel terms and conditions can be setup and published in the registration form after the hotel selection.

Artegis17 February
new elements can be added to a registration form: hotel list to produce a a list of available hotels with description, images etc.

Artegis11 February
The visibility functionality of the navigation button have been enhanced. It is also possible to define a category that do not see a bouton.

Artegis05 February
Artegis' busy customers have too many events in the list of the new Regis version. The past events are displayed by clicking on all events.

Artegis23 December
update online html editor for the legacy Regis application

Artegis19 December
The event copy functionality has been greatly enhanced. It has never been faster to setup an event web site.

Artegis19 December
Improve the email sent with a language specific to the participant's language: list of activities, answers to questions etc.

Artegis19 December
implement a new tags for email [PAX_CATEGORY] that is replaced by the category description of the participant in the automatic emails.

Artegis16 December
The interface for the configuration of networking tool App have ben implemented

Artegis16 December
More parameters adapted to the new event dates. All dates for the late registration fee, early bird, as well as date ranges, booking dates.

Artegis16 December
quick event setup with enhanced copy event functionality, all groups and categories, pages etc are copied in the new events

Artegis19 November
The VAT exemption rule was defined for all countries except specific countries. Now it has been extended to region like the European union

Artegis19 November
Additional features have been added to the abstract module un the abstract upload file mode when the online abstract editor is not used.

Artegis14 November
Multiple languages interface improved. Registration forms system messages can be translated in any languages

Artegis14 November
Multiple languages web sites with abstract submission. The possible abstract topics can be translated similarly to all other fields

Artegis12 November
implementation of RegExpress from Passkey to book hotel directly online with Regis

Artegis10 November
Regis new functionality: Ability to customize activity description in invoices and registration form independently

Artegis05 November
enable self tranlation in scandinavian languages

Artegis31 October
Regis: enable mandatory photo upload for the networking tool

Video: RegiScan Mobile App launched.

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